OpinionAmerica Group, LLC is a United States based marketing research firm, founded in 2009, and managed by a team of market research professionals with over 50 years of combined experience.

The core competency of OpinionAmerica Group, a service organization, is our ability to provide high quality opinion & survey interviewing, related support services, and various other primary information/data collection services targeted at audiences (both consumer and business-to-business) in North America.

Our current client base includes mostly firms who need to conduct market research, tracking, and general survey data collection – via inbound 800 number, intercept, telephone, web, or mail — targeted at business prospects, customers, consumers, and other specific populations.

OpinionAmerica increasingly targets and sells to clients who are based in other parts of the world — clients who need primary market research services targeted at respondents in North America.

Our primary focus is the professional execution of opinion surveys – in essence, one-on-one contact with customers, prospects, various other hard to reach individuals, as well as the general public. We obtain measurable responses to questions and reactions to statements or other stimuli.

We also provide a variety of ‘value-added’ support services, such as data processing, database enhancements — services that are fully integrated and customized to your needs.

OpinionAmerica Group, LLC
10C Leva Drive
Morristown, NJ 07960-6387